Sławomir Jan Zachariewicz, of Lwigród coat of arms – musician and composer born on 26th February 1975 in Kraków, son and Andrzej and Halina of house Rudowski.
He is the great-grandson of Julian Oktawian Zachariewicz – the most famous architect of Lviv from the 2nd half of the 19th century, double rector and triple dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic National University.
Classical music, which surrounded him on a day-to-day basis, has fascinated him since early childhood. His father, even though a lawyer by trade, could play the piano and accordion by ear. Not knowing the notes, he was able to play the tracks of the most famous virtuosos, including Chopin.
When he was five, Sławomir showed that he inherited his musical talent after his father. He was able to play the themes from TV cartoons for children by ear. Thus, his parents decided to enroll him to a music school. In 1982, he launched his education at the Mieczysław Karlowicz State Music School in Kraków. He learned the piano and played the clavecin for the school chamber group. After graduating in 1990, he passed the exam for the State Secondary Music School in Kraków, where he attended the organ class run by prof. Jacek Kulig. While preparing for the final exam, he was asked about his preferred studies and answered without hesitation that his dream is the Composition Department. Prof. Kulig arranged a meeting for him with one of the students in this field at the Music Academy in Kraków. However, it turned out that the studies were focused on composing modern music whereas Sławomir was fascinated with music from the Romanticism era. The idea of composing was relegated to a secondary position. In 1994, he passed the exam for the Institute of Music at the Papal Theological Academy in Kraków, where he was right away enrolled for the second year. He continued his education in playing the organs under the direction of professor Andrzej Białko.
During his studies he started working for one of the biggest companies from the pharmaceutical industry. It quickly turned out that he managed well there and achieved excellent results. Music was pushed tot he background and soon the new employment had completely replaced it.
The separation lasted for over 20 years. Finally, under the continuous requests from his wife Agata, in 2017 Sławomir decided to try to realize his childhood dreams. In just several months he developed the outlines for over a dozen tracks – waltzes, mazurka, preludes and etudes for the piano. All were enthusiastically welcomed by his family and friends. In the subsequent months he worked on their final versions.
Through a combination of unexpected events, his compositions grasped the attention of a world-known pianist from the younger generation – Grzegorz Niemczuk. The first performance of Waltz no. 2 took place in 2018 during the tour of Brazil, and a few months later Waltz no. 1 was performed in Japan. A few days later Anna Lipiak performed Nocturne no. 2 during the concert organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. The concert took place in the capital city of Cyprus – Nicosia.
In 2020 listeners could have seen Waltz No. 4 recorded in the series “Online Live Piano Recital #3” also performed by Anna Lipiak.